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Great Location to Buy Flats in North Kolkata

Author: New Kolkata Team | 2018-04-03

A Glance at Real Estate Kolkata: 

In line with past 3-4 years, Real Estate Kolkata has been struggling hard to maintain its performance and has lackluster in terms of growth in price and sales. Real Estate is going through a transitional phase and the sales are yet to catch up to pre demonetization and pre GST level. Even though the real estate market has been struck hard, the real beneficiary of such a crisis period has been the buyers. Affordable housing has become popular and the mid-income buyers are no longer at the mercy of being robbed by the developers.

With its old-world charm intact, Real Estate Kolkata has effortlessly worked around the rich cultural advantage of the city and added a modern twist to every new flat in Kolkata. Despite the national meltdown, the real estate developers are moving towards building affordable housing options and are the most popular trend in the city. The reforms by the government have in fact pushed the real-estate companies in Kolkata to offload their budget flats in Kolkata. Now, with the wide range of residential options, the greater dilemma that lies among the buyers is in which location to buy the dream home? People in Kolkata have now shed their inhibitions to stay beyond the boundaries of the city, away from the central business district, provided the location they move to, are self-sufficient.

Real Estate in North Kolkata

Real Estate properties in North Kolkata, since the last few years, has seen an economic growth as they survived on the incredible transportation and communication options available in the area, making everyone's life convenient and easy. Being well connected to all parts of the city, North Kolkata also provides for the most economical transportation options, from any place within its precincts or from suburb areas. Apart from this, North Kolkata also houses the best hospitals, schools, shopping malls, entertainment lounges, thus making this location the most amazing place to reside in.

One such property that is the true representative of the real estate trend in North Kolkata, is Alcove Realty’s brainchild New Kolkata. Taking care of everyone’s comfort (even your pets) and indulging its inhabitants in world-class infrastructure facilities, New Kolkata in Serampore Hooghly has emerged as the best mid-range luxurious property in North Kolkata.

Does New Kolkata take forward the legacy of North Kolkata in terms of Convenience and Connectivity?

Located in one of the most developed suburbs of North Kolkata- Serampore, Hooghly: Alcove’s New Kolkata has made affordable housing options redefine luxury and quality living. With new age landscape designing, this iconic township project has taken away conveyance as an obstacle from people’s life, who are willing to shift to the outskirts of the city, away from the fuss of the metro city. How do you ask?

1. “Stay Connected” - An emotion: Something that the New Kolkata in Serampore believes in and what better way to emote it than by providing a four-way connectivity to its residents: road, railway, metro and river. For what it’s worth: you can enjoy ferry services exclusively when you come for site visits!

2. Location : Overlooking the Ganges, this state-of-art infrastructure is surely a masterpiece in the economic-housing category. Well connected, Alcove’s New Kolkata provides a luxury sail down in your own private ferry from Hooghly to New-town. 1.8 km away from Rishra Railway station and approx. 45 mins drive to New Town, it offers an amazing location for your dream house to be in.

3. Self-Sufficient Amenities : With its good connectivity, flats in Serampore, Hooghly’s township project has set a new benchmark in the economic flats category. With state of the art riverside complex, they have infinity pools, a huge range of snack parlors by the banks of Ganga, shopping mall, well-provisioned administration, multiplexes apart from other basic amenities. If this didn’t surprise you then the private ferry service and pet parks definitely will! Isn’t this budget wonder straight out of your dreams?

With the best price of flats in Serampore, Hooghly, Kolkata, this real-estate project merged the essence of colonial beauty with state of the art infrastructure. The luxurious project of New Kolkata provides for unbelievable prices for flat in Serampore, Hooghly, Kolkata.

Alcove’s New Kolkata is definitely an ideal ready-to-move-in society in the GST hit economy.

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