New Kolkata Sangam

New Kolkata Sangam

1, 2, 3 & 4 BHK

537sq.ft. / 554sq.ft. (Carpet Area)

Alcove Realty’s flagship residential project in Serampore is a paradise with modern amenities, enchanting expanse of natural greens, and the soothing music of the flowing Ganga!< ...

Flats in Serampore

Welcome to a world where comfort, luxury, and convenience converge. Alcove New Kolkata is proud to present two exceptional projects – New Kolkata Sangam and New Kolkata Prayag – offering you the opportunity to experience a life of unparalleled elegance and modern living at new Flats in Serampore!

Alcove Flats in Serampore

Discover the perfect blend of space and style with our flats in Serampore. New Kolkata Sangam redefine urban living, providing you with spa...

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Understanding the architectural approach can give you a better sense of the design aesthetics and functionality of the flats in Serampore.

Recreational facilities like parks, swimming pools, or sports amenities can significantly improve the quality of life for residents.

Alcove New Kolkata is known for its diverse offerings, including residential complexes like New Kolkata Sangam, as well as entertainment and lifestyle options like New Kolkata Triveni.

At New Kolkata Triveni, you can enjoy a variety of experiences, including shopping, dining at restaurants, watching movies, and even getting haircuts at the trendiest salon.

New Kolkata Sangam is an upcoming residential complex Flats in Serampore. It is part of Alcove New Kolkata's portfolio and offers the promise of comfortable and modern living.

New Kolkata Prayag is a completed residential complex that has already welcomed over 1200 happy families. It signifies a successful community living in the serene setting of Flats in Serampore.

Alcove New Kolkata ensures that your weekdays are just as enjoyable as your weekends by offering a range of amenities, services, and a thriving community environment.

The largest omniplex at New Kolkata Triveni offers a blend of shopping, dining, entertainment, and grooming options, making it a comprehensive destination for a fulfilling experience.

New Kolkata Sangam, as an upcoming residential complex, is likely to offer modern amenities and facilities that enhance the living experience in Flats in Serampore.

New Kolkata Triveni offers various entertainment options, including shopping, dining, and watching movies, creating a vibrant and enjoyable environment.

Alcove New Kolkata ensures that your lifestyle is well-balanced by providing residential complexes like New Kolkata Sangam along with entertainment and relaxation options at New Kolkata Triveni.


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