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Book Affordable Flats Within 30 Lakhs on the Bank of Hooghly

Author: New Kolkata Team | 2019-07-24

From the Dawn of history, Hooghly has left its mark on the narratives of Bengal. The Hooghly district acted as a window to the foreign settlers. Places like Serampore and Chandannagar within the district became Danes and French settlement respectively.

On this note, the Hooghly settlement is totally based on river Ganga. River Ganga splits into two broad division, Hooghly and Padma. Padma flows in Bangladesh while Hooghly flows in Bengal India.

Presently the Hooghly settlement is flourishing with commercial development. Adding to this, the real estate sector has made these changes more noticeable. Bengal’s real estate market is flourishing with modernity, but Hooghly is on the brink of traditionalism and modernity to be stripped of an old-world beauty, and this is mirrored in the position of real estate flats in Kolkata within 30 lakhs. In the areas of greater Kolkata like Serampore, numerous townships and riverside apartments are brewing. These emerging townships also offer affordable rent and relatively priced homes compared to other metropolitan prices.

This region is slowly booming with industries and are among the industrial sectors in Bengal. So staying in apartments by the banks of Hooghly is indeed a luxury. To make your search for a perfect habitat easy, Alcove Realty brings low budget flats in Kolkata, the New Kolkata residence at Serampore right on the edge of the Hooghly River.

Why New Kolkata is a Perfect Residence Within 30 Lakhs?

In Serampore, North Kolkata, this new venture has its roots in Hooghly, West Bengal. New Kolkata is intended to act as a shelter for those who want to elevate their current living standards in a place that offers something more than just a mere abode. Their riverside apartments overlook the holy Ganges, delivering each day a notable perspective to each of their inhabitants.

Living in the midst of the holy river, these apartments in Serampore, Hooghly offer an enchanting perspective every day with the complete benevolence of unadulterated oxygen incoming with the fresh air. Apartments are intended to keep these benefits in mind, enabling air to circulate healthily indoors. Although, it is a low-budget flat in Kolkata, it definitely confronts standards with its importance. You can live nearby along the river, thus experiencing every day the pure essence of nature. There is also a river promenade and a jogging route to assist you appreciate nature's advantages. Not only that, but it also provides personal ferry and jetty services for convenient transportation.

In addition, New Kolkata includes an approximately 28-acre property region. A township in nature, a regular convenience store, food court, pharmacy, lounge, shopping area, etc. can be found within the premises. This enables the requirements to be encountered behind the gates of these low-budget apartments in Hooghly.

Riverside Apartments in New Kolkata Within 30 Lakhs

These riverside apartments, by virtue of reality, offer 1,2 and 3 BHK apartments priced from 14.8 lakhs to 27.3 lakhs.

Apartment Type





Super built-up: 540sq.ft. / 549sq.ft.

Built-up area: 405sq.ft. / 412sq.ft.

Carpet area: 318/309 sq.ft.

Flat Area + Balcony Area

1 Kitchen

2 Bathrooms, 1 for shower and another for urinal

1 Bedroom

2 Balconies



Super built-up: 884sq.ft.

 Built-up area: 663sq.ft.

Carpet area: 533sq.ft.

Flat Area + Balcony Area

1 Kitchen

2 Bathrooms with shower & urinal

2 Bedrooms

1 Balcony



Super built-up: 1040sq.ft.

Built-up area: 780sq.ft.

Carpet area: 645sq.ft.

Flat Area + Balcony Area

1 Kitchen

2 Bathrooms with shower & urinal

3 Bedroom

1 Balcony




Borrowing the context of the surroundings of Serampore, you can discover here that each of their living and social needs are fulfilled. In essence, Alcove's quality living certainty also comes with a top collection of residential amenities. Thus, there is no variable separating these apartments from a top selection of flats in Serampore, Hooghly.

●    A hall for multipurpose activities like karaoke, dance classes, etc.
●    Dedicated kitchen and cafeteria
●    Snacks corner
●    Pet Park
●    Riverside promenade including Ghat
●    Private jetty & ferry service
●    Air-conditioned indoor game space and playing ground
●    Swimming pool with the poolside deck
●    Well-furnished reading room
●    Temple
●    Calisthenics’ workout area and the likes


Experience three-way transport road, rail and river. And on your map the 4-way link is also available to the suggested Dakshineswar subway. Moreover, while most of the globe goes on rails, New Kolkata citizens are able to anchor with their own private jetty to their required places. The ferries are going to travel from New Kolkata, Serampore to Barrackpore, Babughat and Dakshineshwar.

Owing to its natural presence and beauty the New Kolkata flats in Serampore, Hooghly has been certified by IGBC.Therefore, New Kolkata provides a comfortable residing in the heart of nature. For further legal certainty, HIRA Registration No: HIRA / P / HOO/2018/000020 has already been received by the property ensuring legal security to the individuals concerned.

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