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A Real Time Update of Kolkata Real Estate in 2018

Author: New Kolkata Team | 2018-08-25

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The face of real estate Kolkata project is changing with each passing year- some of which are impressive while others are disappointing. Whatever be the scenario, the entry of new players or real estate developers is shaping up the residential project scenario in Kolkata. Furthermore, the capital values of residential projects have experienced an increase in the price in Q4-2017 ranging from 2-3% as compared to Q3-2017. A plethora of multi-storied and sky scraping projects was also seen on the streets of Kolkata in 2017 within a price range of INR 8,000-12,000/sf.

What's more?

To support the ever rising population in the city, the developers are coming up with real estate Kolkata project in the outskirts as well which are nothing less than the ones seen in South Kolkata.

But, What About Demonetization?

Kolkata is no exception. Like other cities in the nation, Kolkata too had to face the effects of demonetization. However, let us say the impact of demonetization on real estate Kolkata sector wasn't severe. It is because the projects are largely end-user driven, thereby enabling the potential flat buyers to wait until the market stabilizes. As per the office asset class is concerned, we did not witness much of a major impact in this section as well. However, leasing demand has certainly diminished post-demonetization.

So, Who are the Ninjas of the Real Estate sector changing the face of Real Estate Kolkata?

While the real estate Kolkata sector is brimming with real estate companies who are launching new projects every now and then, we feel the Alcove Realty has worked hard to change the real estate avatar of the City of Joy.

Alcove Realty is one of the most renowned real estate company which was formed in the year 2012 under the guidance of Shri Amar Nath Shroff, thereby setting an incredible benchmark with its landmarking projects. He along with his team of proficient workers are coming up with structures which will provide the potential buyers with a lifestyle congruent to that of a fairytale. Some of the most iconic structures constructed by Alcove are:

Alcove Realty

# 1993: Initiation of the Siddhartha project

# 2002: Initiation of the Brindavan Gardens

# 2003: Commencement of the ‘Diamond Group’- A real estate consortium

# 2012: Founded Alcove Realty

Apart from that, they come up with residential projects which can be purchased by individuals catering to different strata of society. Let us illustrate it with some examples.

# High-End Project (>1 crore): Alcove Tower 5, Alcove Regency, The 42 & Flora Fountain.

# Mid-segment (INR 60 lakhs-INR 1 crore): Flora Fountain, Alcove Block 32 & Alcove Regency.

# Affordable (up to 60 Lakhs): New Kolkata, Flora Fountain, Alcove Block 32.

All these residential projects by Alcove Realty were being constructed with the aim to provide the individuals with a well-rounded lifestyle owing to the infusion of best in class facilities and impeccable apartment specifications.

While it is a known fact that the premium residential projects by the Alcove will effectively blend the essence of luxury in your lifestyle, the affordable projects will also have the same effect in your day to day lifestyle.

For example, the New Kolkata residential projects with flats in Serampore, Hooghly region has everything to provide you with a lifestyle of your dreams.

This real estate Kolkata project is strategically positioned amidst the tranquil environment of nature to provide you with peaceful days away from the urban chaos. Furthermore, the project is well connected by rail, road, river, and metro which is rarely found in other properties in North Kolkata.

Additionally, this real estate Kolkata project comes with flats in North Kolkata within 30 lakhs ( 15 lakhs-30 lakhs) which are exquisitely designed to tune in well with your modern form of living. Along with this, get the chance to treat your days with a serene beauty out of your window with the riverside flats overlooking the majestic Ganges. Yet again, such features are precisely lacking in other properties in North Kolkata, thereby allowing the project to stand out among the others. Lastly, the project comes with uncountable facilities that will provide you with a sustainable lifestyle.

Hence, the real estate Kolkata scenario is emerging in small and steady steps. As per the current status of this sector, we hope to see some big changes in the upcoming days, thereby letting individuals live a lifestyle worth the investment.

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