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Why is Serampore in North Kolkata an Upcoming Real Estate Destination?

Author: New Kolkata Team | 2018-08-14

There is a buzz about Serampore in North Kolkata being the apt destination for potential apartment buyers. But why, is our next question?

We are aware of the fact that Serampore nestles the old world charm of the city with lanes supporting the old heritage structures. As much as this region holds the soul of the city, for a long time, we believed that the region is not fit enough to provide us with a sustainable lifestyle as it lacks the necessary infrastructural developments.

But wait! It seems that the tables have turned!

The real estate developers are choosing North Kolkata to come up with luxurious residential projects along with class apart features. Moreover, among all the regions Serampore is gaining popularity by leaps and bounds.

Hence, in this blog, let us delve into the secrets which are leading the developers to come up with lavish properties in North Kolkata Serampore, thereby compelling to individuals to invest in the same.

Secrets Behind Popularity Of Serampore, North Kolkata!

That Location

Nothing can literally beat the charm of this location. In Serampore, the developers have taken a step to blend the traditional beauty of the region with modern apartments to provide the individuals with a well-rounded lifestyle. Not just that, the region bears connectivity with different modes of transportation to provide an easy path for commuting to the heart of the city.

The New Kolkata residential project, for example, has accurately tapped on this feature. A project by the Alcove Realty with flats in Serampore Hooghly, is wrapped up in a tranquil environment. Away from the congested urban scenario, breathe in the fresh air with these flats adjacent to river Hooghly. Moreover, this real estate Kolkata project is well connected by rail, road, river and metro thereby solving issues catering to traveling to the business centers of the city. However, we specifically love the private jetty with ferry service which will carry the future residents of this project from New Kolkata and Serampore to Babughat and Dakshineshwar. The feature is lacking in other residential properties in North Kolkata. Lastly, the region embodies commercial developments to provide the individuals with a lifestyle par excellence.

Those Gripping Apartments

Residing in an apartment with an interior specification and layout clashing with your modern lifestyle is no good. Hence, the developers care to provide the potential property buyers in Serampore with modern apartments to tune in with their lifestyle.

The New Kolkata residential project stands out as supreme in this case. Step into apartments with an interior design soaked in the essence of grandeur and royalty. Moreover, the structural layout of the apartments will seamlessly blend with your contemporary form of living. The rooms of this real estate Kolkata project are spacious with the presence of large windows that will facilitate the penetration of natural light and air circulation to retain the freshness.

However, the Ganga facing apartments have won our heart! Treat your eyes and calm your mind with a serene beauty out of your window while you sip the cup of a freshly brewed beverage.

And the Unbelievable Apartment Price

We were surprised by the flat price in Kolkata Serampore, given the fact that these apartments come with luxurious apartment specifications. We can confidently claim that the prices are unbeatable and will provide individuals from different walks of life with an updated lifestyle the cost-effective way.

For instance, the New Kolkata residential project with flats in Serampore Hooghly region consists of 1, 2 and 3 BHK apartments ranging from 15 lakhs to 24 lakhs. This flat price in Kolkata Serampore has been fixed keeping in mind the extent of affordability of the middle class and upper middle-class strata of the society.

Plus the Uncountable Facilities

The essence of residing in a luxurious residential project in Serampore will be felt only when you'll be surrounded by the best in class facilities. The flats in  Serampore Hooghly are a clear winner here.

If we take the New Kolkata residential project as an example, it comes with facilities like:

# Indoor game space and playing ground

# Swimming pool with a poolside deck

# A reading room

# Outdoor meditation and yoga hall along with a jogging track and a calisthenics workout area

# Spa and salon present in the clubhouse

# Hi-tech gym

# Shower area

# Kitchen and cafeteria

# A Pet Park

Hence, keeping New Kolkata as an example we can claim that flats in Serampore, Hooghly aim to maintain an equilibrium between the contemporary form of living, luxury, and nature.

Are you still surrounded by doubts regarding buying an apartment in North Kolkata? Those are some of the legitimate reasons which are driving developers to build the best residential project in Serampore and the buyers to purchase their dream apartment without hurting their pocket. Hence, browse through the upcoming residential projects like New Kolkata with flats in Serampore, Hooghly region and gift yourself a lifestyle of your dreams.

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