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Why Choose New Kolkata to Buy Your First Apartment?

Author: New Kolkata Team | 2018-09-12

It is fair to come up with that ‘why’ before deciding to invest in the New Kolkata residential project as most of us will invest a large portion of our savings in one go. In this write up, we will present you with the USPs of the New Kolkata riverside project that will justify New Kolkata as the best property in the market and compel you to purchase your dream apartment here.

Riverside Ganga Facing Flats

Kolkata is a beautiful mishmash of old structures and contemporary residential projects which gives the city a unique charm. If you walk down the lanes of North Kolkata, you'll come across a perfect medley between the old world charm of the region and the modern residential projects, thereby providing the residents with the best of both the worlds.

The New Kolkata riverside project by  Alcove Realty has tapped precisely on this feature. With flats in Serampore, Hooghly region, the project is creating a buzz around town owing to its unique qualities. Curious to learn about these qualities? Read through the blog to know about these features right away.

Before that see what people say about this Kolkata riverside project -

New Kolkata Riverside Project- The USPs

Allow us to walk you through the USPs of the project after which we will present you with the other features, a combination of which will provide the future residents with a higher standard of living.

#USP 1: The Private Jetty with Ferry Services

A residential project will stand out from the others when it possesses a feature that has other projects beat. The New Kolkata riverside project by the renowned Alcove Realty is home to such features from which the private jetty with ferry services tops the list. This service has been designed solely for the future residents of New Kolkata. It will carry passengers from New Kolkata and Serampore to Dakshineswar and Babughat. We can vouch for this feature and promise that no other residential project comes with such a rare feature.

#USP 2: The Incredible Ganga Facing Apartments

While most of the real estate brands only think of providing potential buyers with riverside flats in Kolkata, Alcove Realty has taken the step to actualize this concept. Let your dream of owning a riverside flat in Kolkata come true with the New Kolkata residential project. The project comes with  gracefully designed Ganga facing apartments that will soothe your hectic day in no time because of its scenic beauty. Thus, whether you are relishing your favourite cup of tea or reading your all-time favourite novel, you can now do it in the company of nature.

#USP 3: The IGBC Certification

The New Kolkata riverside project is probably the only project to have actually taken a step to provide the future residents with a clean and green environment. The pre-certification of IGBC (Indian Green Building Council) will educate the future residents about the importance of maintaining a healthy surrounding, while actually helping them do the same. Apart from that, the IGBC certification will carve out the path to provide the residents with facilities like:

Reduction in water and energy consumption.

Improved health and hygiene facilities.

Enhanced sanitation

Better ventilation and natural light in the abodes.

Fuel savings in transit to workplaces and decline in pollution.


#USP 4: The Unbelievable Apartment Price

The project comes with 1, 2 and 3 BHK flats in Serampore, Hooghly region ranging from 15 lakhs to 30 lakhs. Now, you may come up with doubts as to why the apartment prices are so unbelievable? Well, when we compared the apartment design and the structural layout with that of the price, we too found ourselves with the same question. The reason for this is because of Alcove Realty’s vision to give people the life they deserve at affordable costs.  The New Kolkata apartments ooze elegance from every corner, backed up by a structural layout which can be juxtaposed to our modern lifestyle. It will upgrade the lifestyle of the future residents and provide them with sustainable living.

Such attributes of the New Kolkata riverside project makes this project stand out in a crowd of residential projects which are shaping up in the city.

But wait! Are you thinking this is the end?

The project comes with other features as well which might not be featured in the project’s USP but are equally vital for providing  future residents with a well-rounded lifestyle.

The Other Features of the Residential Project are:

- The noteworthy location that will bring nature close to your daily lifestyle and keep you away from the urban mess.

-Unmatched connectivity which is breaking the stereotype that North Kolkata or the outskirt regions lack good connectivity. The project comes with four way connectivity- rail, road, river and metro. It is close to the Rishra railway station, Serampore railway station and Barrackpore station. Additionally, it is also close to the upcoming Dakshineswar metro link which will connect the project to the important centers of the city. Hence, if you are looking for  luxurious flats near Barrackpore station, what can be the better option than the New Kolkata project?

- A treasure chest of features which will allow the future residents to get a taste of a luxurious lifestyle within the premises of the project. Some of the most prominent features of the project are:

Swimming pool with poolside deck

Well-furnished reading room

An outdoor meditation and yoga hall

Hi-tech multi gym

Jogging track and walkways

Calisthenics' workout area

AC indoor game arena

An outdoor amphitheater for cultural programmes

Spa and saloon in the clubhouse and much more.

The presence of these features should present you with legitimate reasons to buy an apartment under the New Kolkata riverside project in Serampore. While it is not possible to talk about every minute feature of this project, we will advise you to browse through New Kolkata’s official website and get your hands on your dream apartment at an affordable rate.

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