New Kolkata - Poila Baisakh ১৪২৮

Welcome the Bengali New Year with New Kolkata this Poila Baisakh ১৪২৮

Author: New Kolkata Team | 2021-04-14

All's well that begins well.
All's well that is invested well.

While we all know about the booming cultural life of the Bengalis, we’ll this time shift the lens and understand how New Kolkata Prayag can prove to be a great return on investment with respect to your finances. Owning a property here could prove wonders for you in the long run. So, why not begin all anew by making a Real Estate Investment at New Kolkata Prayag starting from just Rs 15.35 lac onwards? Poila Baisakh, like you all know, marks the beginning of the Bengali business calendar and nothing could be better than investing in a new property on Naboborsho

Why is New Kolkata Prayag a Smart Investment on Naboborsho?

Nothing sounds more satisfying than “I have got a luxurious new flat in Kolkata on Poila Baisakh”, does it? 

  • A well connected infrastructured home is always the best option for investment and Noboborsho is the time to revel in the traditional customs as well as to welcome in the new and the modern.
  • Financial security is foremost on people’s minds and one must choose to make smart investments in the form of assets. In the current situation, New Kolkata Prayag offers you the best bet — stability, security and safety.
  • Poila Baisakh calls forth new investment plannings, new beginnings and coming together with a family or beginning a family in a community like New Kolkata. 
  • Residing in this gated complex, you would be able to get across to the important parts of the city smoothly for its 3-way connectivity by road, rail and river. 
  • You get to enjoy the surreal beauty of the Ganges at Prayag’s flats in Kolkata in the form of 1, 2 and 3 BHKs.
  • The 3,00,000 sq.feet built-up area of New Kolkata comprises its own clubhouse, central green zone, commercial shopping zone and a variety of common utilities and services.

Also, do you wish to soothe your soul in the gentle breeze of the tranquil riverside promenade? Book a site visit to New Kolkata Prayag and feel the divinity of living by the mystic Ganges, yourself. And then if you have the intent and liquidity to make a financial commitment to a new flat, a new home this Bengali New Year, in the city of Joy, you could potentially walk away with a lucrative residence like New Kolkata Prayag starting from Rs. 15.35 Lac only.

A Smart Investment made, owing to a Smarter future.

So, what are you waiting for? Is there a more auspicious day for new beginnings and profitable investments than Poila Baisakh? Above all it is a day of fresh promises to oneself towards a more promising future. Starting Rs. 15.35 Lac onwards, you don’t just get an apartment, you get to live amidst a paradise of 19 acres dedicated entirely to provide you with the comfort and convenience of modern living by the Ganges. End your search for wise investments to make at New Kolkata Prayag with ready to move in flats within 20 lakhs. Considering the current New Kolkata Prayag price, this is the asset you can hold tangibly which further enhances its reliability and return on investment.
So, wait no more and start your New Year on a bright and cheerful note by booking your New Kolkata Apartment at Prayag now!

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