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Upcoming Residential Project to Book Low Cost Flats in Serampore

Author: New Kolkata Team | 2019-08-29

Kolkata- the City with Soul is defined by the attribute to everyone which food, clothing, and shelter. Precisely speaking, it is the truth. The city welcomes everyone with open arms across various walks of life. Be it providing low-budget flats in Kolkata or cost-effective food, it makes sure to meet every individual's requirements. It is a crucial feature that is lacking in other metropolitan cities of India.

What’s More?

The upcoming residential projects in Kolkata are worth your attention. With innovative features, the projects are crossing the set benchmark in terms of providing a quality living. One such project with stunning features and well-rounded facilities and amenities is New Kolkata by Alcove Realty. Harping on the concept, affordable luxury, these flats in Serampore, Hooghly region will provide you with a township rather than just a basic housing complex. Curious to know more about the project? Delve into the blog to learn about this revolutionary project with low-budget flats in Kolkata.

New Kolkata- An Upcoming Residential Project with Full of Surprises


What New Kolkata has to provide you? Well, it is a residential project with full of surprises as we have mentioned before. What are these surprises?

Let us learn about the same from a future resident.


To start with, New Kolkata will provide the residents with 1,2 and 3BHK  flats in Serampore, Hooghly region. These apartments range from 14.85 lakhs to 28.30 lakhs. But why these apartments qualify as low-budget flats in Kolkata? Let us check the details of the apartment.


Apartment Type

Apartment Size




Super built-up area: 540 sq.ft/549 sq.ft

Carpet area: 318 sq. ft/309 sq. ft

1 Kitchen

2 Bathrooms

1 Bedroom

2 Balconies

14.85 lakhs


Super built-up area: 884 sq.ft

Carpet area: 533 sq.ft.

1 Kitchen

2 Bathrooms

2 Bedrooms

1 Balcony

24.20 lakhs


Super built-up area: 1040 sq.ft

Carpet area: 645 sq.ft.

1 Kitchen

2 Bathrooms

3 Bedrooms

1 Balcony

28.30 lakhs


From the above chart, we can assume that these low-budget flats in Kolkata are spacious unlike the flats in other residential projects. Furthermore, the apartments are defined by a stunning interior design and structural layout, to complement the modern day conveniences and style of living. Did we mention about the Ganga view riverside flats of New Kolkata? The apartments are gipping in itself that will provide you with a surreal view and bring nature close to your abode. Hence, with such high-end features, it is undebatable that these are low-budget flats in Kolkata without compromising on the quality.

Apart from that, here is the list of other surprises defining New Kolkata.

Connectivity: Though situated at greater Kolkata, the project is one of its kinds when it comes to connectivity.


Alcove has carefully tapped on this region to provide future residents with excellent connectivity. Even though the project is quite far away from the main city, this flats in Serampore, Hooghly is well connected by rail, road, and metro. What's more? It comes with its private jetty and ferry service, exclusively made for future residents of New Kolkata. Who new upcoming residential projects in Kolkata could provide such an advanced feature for a better living?

Amenities & Facilities: New Kolkata is taking the concept of modern facilities and amenities to the next level, which is impossible to get within this price range. Alcove has actualized this concept with these low-budget flats in Kolkata. Some of the prominent features of the project are:

●    An Air-conditioned indoor games space and a playing ground
●    A swimming pool with the poolside deck
●    Water filtration or treatment plant
●    Spa and saloon in the clubhouse
●    Rainwater harvesting
●    24 hours CCTV surveillance
●    Landscaped garden area
●    A hall for multipurpose activities
●    An underground parking area
●    A well-furnished reading room 
●    A pet park
●    Meditation & Yoga Space
●    Well-furnished reading room
●    Snacks corner and the likes

Hence, from the given information, it is clear that New Kolkata is a mini town with essential facilities for a well-rounded lifestyle. Additionally, the project is pre-certified by IGBC. It means that this upcoming residential project in Kolkata will present future residents with an eco-friendly environment for sustainable living. Also, New Kolkata has received its HIRA Registration NO: HIRA/P/HOO/2018/000020 that will protect future residents from undesirable harassments.

Choose nothing less than the best. Choose New Kolkata.

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