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The Upbeat Aspect of Waterside Living At New Kolkata

Author: New Kolkata Team | 2021-03-30

Waterside living has become one of the hottest trends in the real estate market with improved transport connections and vibrant areas of regeneration, blossoming across the Ganges. More and more people are looking to claim their portion of the Ganges as the backdrop to their dream home. New Kolkata’s record number of Ganga facing apartments in Serampore gives their residents an unparalleled view of the mighty River. From the idyllic scenes evoked in the pages of The Wind in the Willows, Kenneth Grahame’s children’s classic to the comic capers of Jerome K Jerome’s Three Men in a Boat – the comings and goings of life by the River have remained enduringly popular for generations. Whether you enjoy sailing in the Ferry or simply want to watch the world go by from the peaceful surrounds of gardens or windows, properties by the water always have much to offer.

Alongside the obvious aesthetic qualities, such locations can also be good for mental and physical well being – perfectly positioned for winter walks and summer strolls. Living by a natural water body has the potential to soothe our senses by keeping us amidst an environment encapsulated by a peaceful vibe. Even though it might sound dreamy, waking up to a fresh and calming view defined by lush greenery is a dream made true by Alcove New Kolkata. Not just that, there are tons of advantages of owning a Riverside apartment in Kolkata

So let’s get familiarised with the many expectations we can have from the Riverside property, New Kolkata, nestled by the Ganges at Serampore.

A Simply Better Lifestyle

Once you have experienced a waterside residential project in Kolkata, you will never want to live anywhere else. Riverside properties like New Kolkata offer a truly eclectic lifestyle. One moment you could be relaxing and absorbing the views on a ferry ride or taking a walk down the picturesque Ganges, the next you could be sipping coffee in one of the city’s high-rise homes or taking a ferry ride yourself. It is the perfect mix for a varied modern lifesty

A Slow-Paced Haven

In today’s fast-paced culture, it is often hard to stop and take a moment to marvel at what is around us, but waterside living offers this in abundance. With scenic vistas of the sunset falling behind the city skyline and melting away into the river, viewed from your balcony, living room or bedroom window, you will have the opportunity to enjoy something special that those living in urban block towers simply cannot replicate. 

A Healthier Living

Marine biologist, J. Nichols, coined the term “Blue Mind” in his groundbreaking book ‘The Surprising Science’ that shows how being near, in, on or under water can make you Happier, Healthier and more connected and better at what you do. His research found that proximity to water releases a number of stress-relieving hormones, increasing our well-being. With this in mind, it is no surprise that those who move to Riverside locations like that of New Kolkata very rarely move away.

A Cooler Surrounding 

Steadily growing traffic and urban heat, especially in the developing countries is not only damaging the environment but also incur social and economic costs. The ecological benefits bestowed in a Riverside Project which range from protecting and maintaining the biodiversity to helping in the mitigation of change cannot be overlooked in today’s sustainable planning. The Ganges by the New Kolkata project likewise helps in reduction of the energy costs of cooling buildings effectively.

New Kolkata apartments being built close to the holy River, the Ganga facing flats in Serampore is also Vaastu compliant, thus ‘Home by the Ganges’ offers plenty of happiness and prosperity into the lives of the residents.

The Ganga facing low cost apartments of New Kolkata is met with all the expectations of Riverside property and is proving to be the ideal place for a dream home, allowing residents to return to a refreshing, mellow environment after a long, busy day. Life is short, why not spend it in quality!

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