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Riverside Project to Book Your Low Budget Flats in Kolkata

Author: New Kolkata Team | 2019-03-27

Imagine yourself living in a riverside apartment. Isn't the thought itself is sending a sensation of excitement across your mind? Nothing beats the happiness that comes with owning a riverside apartment. The surreal beauty and the delightful atmosphere well blended with the comforting tune of nature can lull one to sleep after a long hectic day. With so many positive sides of owning a riverside apartment, what stops the individuals to own one? While we totally agree with the fact that owning apartments facing a natural water body is (almost) everyone's dream, the high price of such apartments makes it unaffordable for many. With this mind, Alcove Realty is coming up with New Kolkata residential project in Serampore, Hooghly region. What is so great about this project? Let us find out the same in this write-up!

New Kolkata- Blending Paradise & Earth with Riverside Apartments



An upcoming venture of Alcove Realty, New Kolkata with flats in Serampore, Hooghly region is just what you need to experience a better standard of living. Binding the best of everything under one roof, the project will churn out the magical essence of the city.

To start with, New Kolkata comes with low budget flats in Kolkata within a price range of 14.8 lakhs to 27.3 lakhs. Now, keep the price range in mind and compare the features of the apartment.

#1: The project comes with 1, 2 and 3 BHK apartments in the given price range.

#2: The apartments are sheer reflection of luxury and comfort, especially designed for the middle class and upper-middle-class section.

 #3: It comes with a structural layout that supports large rooms, big windows and modern specification to tune-in well to your modern form of living.

#4: As a bonus, a plethora of these low budget flats in Kolkata are overlooking the majestic Ganges, thereby giving a twist to your morning tea session.

Hence, buying flats in Kolkata within 30 lakhs under New Kolkata is not only profitable but will also carve out the path for a comfortable living.

What about the Connectivity Quotient?

We bet, New Kolkata is adding an edge to the concept of connectivity. Alcove has cleverly tapped on Serampore to provide future residents with a gamut of commute options, thereby breaking the stereotype catering to poor connectivity in North Kolkata.

#1: New Kolkata with riverside apartments comes with four way connectivity- rail, road, river and metro.

#2: These flats in Serampore, Hooghly region are close to Rishra and Serampore railway station.

#3: It also close to the upcoming Dakshineswar metro link. Plus, by road, reach New Town within 45 mins.

#4: However, what brings-in the edgy side is the presence of private jetty with ferry service. Specially designed for the residents of New Kolkata, feel the joy of travelling via water while the rest of the city will travel by conventional modes.

Hence, you have yet another reason to invest in this project.

How is the Project Location?

We have mentioned before that New kolkata comes with flats in Serampore, Hooghly region. Now, here is the deal with the location of the project. The residential project is designed to rest in the lap of Mother Nature, thereby enabling you to interact with the same. These riverside apartments are enveloped by the quintessential essence of nature with the quest to keep the future residents away from the chaotic, urban environment. Hence, if you are looking for your new abode amidst a tranquil environment, what can be better than New Kolkata?

●    Air-conditioned indoor game space and playing ground 

●    A swimming pool with the poolside deck 

●    Outdoor meditation and yoga hall 

●    Jogging track and calisthenics workout area 

●    A reading room

●    Spa and saloon 

●    A home theatre

●    Pharmacy along with world-class amenities

●    Diagnostic center with doctor's chamber 

●    Kitchen and cafeteria 

●    Apart from that, the other amenities include an underground car parking area, power backup, DTH service, 24 hours CCTV surveillance, rainwater harvesting, etc.

Apart from that, these low budget flats in Kolkata are pre-certified by IGBC, thereby giving rise to a healthier surrounding apart from a luxurious lifestyle. Hence, New Kolkata with riverside apartments will provide you with best of both the worlds- luxury and nature. With flats in Kolkata within 30 lakhs, gift yourself a lifestyle with your means and worth the investment.

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