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Riverside Project to Book Ganga Facing Flats in Serampore

Author: New Kolkata Team | 2018-10-31

riverside apartments

Isn't the idea of owning a riverside apartment enthralling? Imagine your mornings starting on a peaceful note with a view of the river Ganga on the other side of the window while you sip your cup of brew.

But why should you own a riverside property?

With the super-fast development of Kolkata with little to no presence of nature around us, it is becoming important to add a dose of nature to our daily lifestyle to maintain a balance.

However, in a city like Kolkata which is growing with each passing day with the profusion of modern facilities, is it possible to find a riverside project? Of course it is difficult or impossible to find one in South Kolkata or in the heart of the city. However, young real estate brands are tapping on greater Kolkata to provide potential buyers with riverside apartments, that too within an affordable price range.

But of all the real estate brands, there is one such brand which has seriously taken steps to provide buyers with the same which till date no other brand could provide. Alcove Realty has recognised this need of the property seekers and thereby has designed the New Kolkata riverside project in Serampore, Hooghly region. Hence, if you have been searching for a riverside apartment in the lap of nature, this blog is your Bible!

New Kolkata- a Blend of Nature & Luxury!

New Kolkata-Flats in Serampore

After a hectic day choked with an unending list of work, we all deserve a tranquil environment on reaching home to balance out our senses. With the New Kolkata riverside project, expect this to happen. With flats in Serampore, Hooghly region, the project will bring nature closer to your daily lifestyle. Furthermore, the presence of the Ganga facing flats doubles up this concept. Believe us when we say that the riverside apartments overlooking the Ganges have the power to uplift even a dull and gloomy day.

Ganga facing flats

Wondering what is so Great about the Riverside Apartments?

Apartment Design

Apartment Layout

Apartment Price:

The apartments are gripping in themselves. With elegance infused in every corner through the beautiful interior design, be assured that your lifestyle will change or shall we say it will improve. The design of riverside apartments will instantly capture your attention and might even compel you to buy one.


 Next, we will focus on the apartment layout and, trust us, it is nothing that you have seen before. The riverside apartments are spacious with large windows which will facilitate good circulation of air. The layout is cleverly designed to tune in with your modern form of living without destroying the quintessential essence of nature.


This is something that has taken us by surprise. The New Kolkata riverside project comes with 1, 2 and 3 BHK riverside apartments within a price range of 15 lakhs to 30 lakhs. Can you beat that? With such luxurious specifications, we did not expect the apartments to be this economical.



Hence, New Kolkata Ganga facing apartments are sheer showstoppers. Apart from that, the project also comes other 1, 2 and 3 BHK apartments within the same price range.

But is it a Good Idea to shift just for Riverside Apartments? Won’t it create difficulties when it comes to the daily commute to the heart of the city?

Not at all!

These flats in Serampore, Hooghly region by the Alcove has tapped on the best feature of the location. In spite of being away from the main city, the project is well connected by the rail, road, river and metro. Yes, you read it right! It is also connected by the river, as the project has designed its very own private jetty with ferry services exclusively for the future residents of New Kolkata. Hence, while the rest of the city travels on wheels, you’ll get the chance to experience this unique mode of transportation.

To Act as a Cherry on the Cake....

New Kolkata riverside project is a hub of necessary facilities and modern amenities like

●    hi-tech gymnasium, 
●    kids pool, 
●    swimming pool with a pool side deck,
●    a hall for multipurpose activities, 
●    snacks corner, 
●    spa and saloon, 
●    a pet park, 
●    meditation and yoga space, etc. 

to provide us with a lifestyle worth every penny of investment.

Hence, the New Kolkata riverside project is a one stop solution to all your needs, especially catering to Ganga facing apartments. Trust us, no other residential project will be able to provide you with such apartments other than the Alcove Realtors. Hence, get your dream riverside apartment under this residential project within an unbeatable price range before it slips out of your hand.

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