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Reasons to Choose New Kolkata to Book Riverside Apartment

Author: New Kolkata Team | 2018-11-02

New Kolkata riverside project is creating a buzz in the town. And there are valid reasons behind all these news makings. Probably, the project is a gem set in the flanges of the city, carving out the path for the potential buyers towards a lifestyle which was a mere dream until now.

However, is this the only reason that is encouraging the flat buyers to shift North Kolkata leaving all the comforts of South Kolkata? We guess NO! Hence, let us delve into the legitimate reasons which will justify the title of the blog and also explain the reasons behind individuals investing in this Calcutta riverside project.

A Piece of Heaven - The New Kolkata Riverside Project

Calcutta Riverside Project

If you are searching for a riverside apartment in Kolkata, your search should end with the New Kolkata residential project. The project consists of opulent Ganga facing apartments that will upgrade your lifestyle from the current one from the time you’ll step inside the apartment.

Trust us, the riverside apartments overlooking the majestic Ganges is worth your attention. The interior of the apartments are gripping in itself with an architectural layout that will allow you to breath fresh air 24/7. In other words, the apartments are spacious with the presence of large windows that will keep the interior airy without making you feel cramped in a small space. In one word, the riverside apartments will take your lifestyle a notch up.

But the surprise element is yet to come!

These apartments come within an attractive price range which is precisely unbeatable as well. These riverside apartments in Serampore comes within a price range of 15 lakhs to 30 lakhs. We bet you will not come across a riverside project within this price range.

However, this is not the only reason for you to tap on this Calcutta riverside project.

Other Factors Completing the Project are: 

-Apart from riverside flats in Serampore, the project consists of conventional 1, 2 and 3 BHK apartments within the same price range. Hence, if you are not keen about buying riverside apartments, you can indulge in the normal apartments as well.

-The New Kolkata project is set amidst a notable location. First, the region is wrapped up by the quintessential essence of nature, thereby keeping the urban chaos at bay. Second, travelling from this region is no longer an issue. It is well connected by four modes of transportation- rail, road, river and metro. By river we mean to address the presence of private jetty with ferry services that will tirelessly ply from Serampore to Babughat and Dakshineswar for the residents of New Kolkata.

-The project is outfitted with facilities and amenities that is almost impossible to avail within this price range; however Alcove has made it possible with the New Kolkata riverside project. The amenities and the facilities under this Calcutta riverside project will provide you with a well rounded lifestyle with ease.

-Lastly, the project is IGBC certified. It means the flats in Serampore are green buildings which will make sure that you not only live a luxurious lifetsyle but also a healthy one as well. Owing to the IGBC certification, the future residents will be able to spend their days in a surrounding wrapped up by the lush greenery and cleanliness. Not just that, the future residents will be educated to maintain the hygiene quotient of the project with small lifestyle changes.

Hence, the New Kolkata residential project with a small town in itself. Even if you decide to move away from all the urban comforts to this region, be assured that you’ll get to taste the essence of nature without compromising on luxurious facilities and modern lifestyle. Hence, get hold of your dream riverside apartments before the it slips out of your hand to someone else.

Note: The project is legally sound as it has received its HIRA Registration Number: HIRA/P/HOO/2018/000020

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