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One Stop Destination to Book Low Budget Riverside Flats in Kolkata

Author: New Kolkata Team | 2019-06-14

When you seek to buy residential property, there are several requirements and prerequisites that you already have in mind. A well-equipped neighbourhood, a stellar location that allows smooth transport, a highly-reputed developer, etc. There are commonly what almost everyone will tell you – the various demands that constitute a perfect home.

However, there is only one element of housing that really matters in the end. You can have the best of everything and still not make your choice based on this single factor.

You’ve guessed it right.

The price.

Your demands will not amount to anything if the property you intend on buying does not fall within your spending capacity. Most are so taken aback by the physical appearance and wholesome advantages that complexes offer that the price suddenly feels secondary.

Spending within your means is, after all, the most sustainable way to live.

So why not chase after low cost housing? Most have this notion that a significant decrease in price would mean a drop in quality, which is not necessarily so. Some developers strive to infuse the virtues of price with a high standard of living spaces together. Without compromising on the quality of living, one can find a home that meets each of your requirements.

To make this clearer, let's take a look at Alcove’s low budget flats in Kolkata.

Serampore – Home to Cost-effective Riverside Apartments

Set in the North Kolkata’s Serampore, Alcove Realty’s upcoming project – New Kolkata – has been generating a lot of buzz around the city.

The name of Alcove Realty must sound familiar, doesn’t it?

Credited with making some of Kolkata’s most iconic structures, they make dreams of living available to all. Spreading across the spectrum of low cost housing to ultra-luxury apartments, they cover all sections of society equally. They are not known for the number of projects they make, but the remarkable lifestyles they offer is what sets them apart.

Their newest venture has its roots near the Hooghly. New Kolkata is designed to play the role of refuge for those to elevate their existing standards of living at a location that promises the same. Their riverside apartments overlook the holy Ganges, offering a remarkable view for each of its residents each day.

Without further ado, let's see what makes this a top residence in the city!

5 Reasons to Choose Alcove’s Low Budget Flats in Kolkata


Set in Serampore, Hooghly, one can find unhindered peace and serenity among the waters of the holy river. Moreover, as a venue for daily life, the region is equipped to handle all your needs. With New Kolkata, one will find close proximity to the following –

In terms of schooling, DPS North and Serampore College can be found. For medical purposes, Relife Hospital and Serampore ESI Hospital are not too far away. Catering to your need for entertainment, there exists Forum Rangoli and City Center II, with New Kolkata Plaza located at the site.


One needs to have space and facilities for the fulfilment of their need for leisure and relaxation. Submerging your worries in the swimming pool or ‘working out’ your stress at the gym is the ideal source of recreation after a long day of work. Even games with your family at the indoor games room wouldn’t be all that bad.

With New Kolkata’s low budget flats in Kolkata, you will find a superior set of amenities that complements its apartments. A home theatre, children’s space for games, AC space for games like squash and badminton, reading room, etc. are just to name a few.


New Kolkata is nothing short of a township, offering about 5000 apartments for residents. Bear in mind that these are riverside apartments that possess the scenic view of the Ganges. A mesmerizing view coupled by a pure-quality breeze and airy interiors comprises each of its homes. Also, apartments come in the form of 1,2 and 3 BHK category to suit your need for space and family size.


Commuting is an unavoidable and important part of everyday life. Travelling to work, travelling to school, family outings – these call for the need for an efficient system of transport. Commuting with relative ease is a sign of fashionable life, and that’s exactly what New Kolkata provides through:

●    Road: The usual autorickshaws, taxi/Uber/Ola service, etc.
●    Rail: Serampore Railway Station
●    Metro: Upcoming Dakshineswar Metro
●    River: Private ferry for residents

Using effective 4-way connectivity, there are several mediums that one can choose from, even the river as a part of New Kolkata’s exclusive ferry across the river.


As discussed, it all eventually boils down to price. You will be surprised to hear that New Kolkata offers flats in Kolkata within 15 lakhs, which is definitely a catch to your budget. With all the aforementioned features at this price, you are surely making a wise choice while choosing this residential project.

It is for these reasons that New Kolkata is the one stop destination to book your apartments – the perfect place for one to raise a family and have a settled life in the city. Further away from the hustle and bustle of city life, a calming and refreshing experience are promised in the vicinity of Serampore.

Thus, New Kolkata awaits your company behind its doors.

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