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Looking for Flats in Barrackpore? Visit New Kolkata

Author: New Kolkata Team | 2019-04-05

Finding flats in Barrackpore tuning in with our modern form of living is daunting. Regions like Barrackpore or any other region in greater Kolkata lacks the essential dose of development that is mandatory for today's lifestyle. In spite of this, property buyers are thinking of buying flats in Barrackpore and such regions to stay away from the urban mess. To meet this demand of the property buyers, the real estate developers are making it a point to come up with flats in Barrackpore with contemporary features.

Even though, most of us fail to find appropriate flats in Barrackpore. Hence, familiarise with New Kolkata- a benchmark housing project of Alcove Realty with flats in Serampore, Hooghly region. Now, why did we mention New Kolkata of all the projects? Here are the reasons.

The Flats in Serampore with Blending Nature & Luxury



To start with and clear from the beginning, New Kolkata is not positioned at Barrackpore. It comes with flats in Serampore, Hooghly region, which close to Barrackpore though. Hence, you can check out New Kolkata if you are in search of low budget flats in Kolkata

With that being the introduction about the project, let us take a look at the project location. If you desire some dose of nature circling your new abode, New Kolkata will provide you with the exact feature. The project is being erected adjacent to river Hooghly that will carve out the path for future residents to spend their nestling nature. Hence, the project creates a synergy between nature and luxury in one premise for a dreamlike lifestyle.

Though New Kolkata is a tad far away from the main city, it has taken the concept of connectivity to a whole new level. With these low budget flats in Kolkata, be sure to travel the main city via rail, road, river, and metro. The project will bring you the joy of availing private jetty with ferry service exclusively designed for future residents for a whole new experience. Hence, this project is best for all those individuals seeking a twist in their housing project.

But, are the Apartments worth enough the Investment?

That’s exactly what we will discuss here!

New Kolkata will provide you with 1, 2 and 3 BHK low budget flats in Kolkata. These apartments will have the touch of skilled interior designers, along with a classy layout to create a rhyming tune with your contemporary living. These apartments are spacious and will aid in the penetration of natural light in every room. However, the showstopper is yet to come. The project also consists of riverside apartments overlooking the Ganges, which flats in Barrackpore won't be able to provide you.

But then wait for the Awesome Feature of the Project!

And it is the project Facilities & Amenities.

Apart from providing a revamped form of living, New Kolkata housing project with riverside apartments that will enable you to create a string of happy memories. Apart from that, the buildings are pre-certified by IGBC that will provide future residents with an eco-friendly environment for a cleaner and greener days.

An here is the list of facilities & amenities of New Kolkata.

●    Air-conditioned indoor game space and playing ground

●    Swimming pool with the poolside deck

●    Well-furnished reading room

●    Outdoor meditation and yoga hall along with jogging track and calisthenics workout area

●    Spa and saloon in the grand clubhouse

●    Additional features of the in-apartment clubhouse include a shower area, kitchen, cafeteria, and an activity hall. Plus, there is an underground parking area, power backup, a riverside promenade, Ganga Ghat, etc.

Thus, we will advise the potential buyers who are looking for 1, 2 or 3 BHK flats at Barrackpore to come and check out the New Kolkata. With riverside apartments running out of stock in no time, get set ready to purchase your dream apartment before it slips out of your hand. Furthermore, it is one of the few projects to receive its HIRA REGISTRATION NO: HIRA/P/HOO/2018/000020. And that is a wrap-up with a bow!