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How the Real Estate Developments in Kolkata is Beating Other Metros?

Author: New Kolkata Team | 2018-08-17

Presently, Kolkata is in its boom phase in terms of real estate development. Trust us! The city is coming up with such class-apart residential projects that it is giving a tough competition to the residential projects in the other metro cities.

What defines Kolkata is a proper synergy between characteristics like infrastructural development, reasonable living, and strategic planning which bestows this city with a soul. Whoever once moves into this city they will start enjoying life from every perspective of it; be it the food, cultural abundance, or the vintage charm. Moreover, Kolkata is growing to support the ever rising population which is pushing the real estate development companies to redefine luxury with the infusion of affordable apartments.

However, if you are finding this data an irrational statement, then allow us to prove it with a residential project which is creating some news among the potential flat buyers.

Embrace a New City with the New Kolkata Residential Project

Real estate development companies like the Alcove Realty have changed the game of the real estate sector in Kolkata, thereby driving the individuals to invest in properties in North Kolkata. We were taken by surprise when we came face to face with some of the path-breaking residential projects in North Kolkata without hampering the traditional essence of the region.

While exploring such properties in North Kolkata, we came across the New Kolkata project by Alcove which caught your attention in no time. In fact, the project is worth all your attention without any second thought.

Given this fact, you might come up with the question as to why did we choose to focus on this project?

Because of the Location...

...which is impeccable and cocooned in the tranquility of nature. With flats adjacent to river Hooghly, these flats in Serampore Hooghly will provide you with a peaceful surrounding, thereby keeping you away from the urban chaos.

However, the location of the project did not compromise on the connectivity aspect. The project is well connected by rail, road, river, and metro, thereby facilitating an easy path for traveling to the heart of the city. Out of all, we got attracted by the private jetty with ferry services which will carry the future residents from New Kolkata and Serampore to Babughat and Dakshineshwar. Hence, the location of the project has everything to provide you with a sustainable living in the lap of nature.

Because of the Amenities...

...which will upgrade your lifestyle effectively. A luxurious residential project is incomplete with the infusion of the necessary and luxurious facilities under one roof. The New Kolkata residential project with flats in Serampore Hooghly shines brightly in this aspect. It nestles an array of amenities, thereby providing you with a lifestyle of your dreams. Some of the amenities found in this residential project are:

# Indoor games space and playing ground

# Sprawling clubhouse overlooking the Ganges

# Swimming pool with a poolside deck

# Presence of a reading room

# Outdoor meditation and yoga hall along with a jogging track and a calisthenics workout area

# Spa and salon present in the clubhouse

# Hi-tech gym

# Shower area

# Kitchen and cafeteria

# A Pet Park

# Underground parking area, power backup, DTH service, landscaped garden area, rainwater harvesting, shopping complex, a riverside promenade, among others.

Hence, the game of real estate development is growing by leaps and bound, thereby shaping up Kolkata as one of the best metro cities with the best real estate projects.

Because of the Apartment Specifications...

...which can be juxtaposed to the modern theme of your lifestyle. We are not overdoing or exaggerating this project keeping in mind its plan and offering. Imagine yourself standing in front of a window with the refreshing breeze from the Ganga river brushing against your face and making your room airy.  Does that sound like a distant dream? Not anymore as the New Kolkata residential project by the Alcove have taken the step to actualize this concept. With the presence of riverside flats overlooking the Ganges, experience serene beauty right outside your window that'll calm your mind and enlighten even a hectic day. Furthermore, the New Kolkata apartments are designed with extreme efficacy  to upgrade the standard of living. Infused with elaborateness and beauty, the structural layout of the apartment will aptly tune in with your modern lifestyle or provide you with one.

Because the Apartment Prices are Unbelievable...

...which will not even hurt your pocket by purchasing one. The project comes with 1,2 and 3 BHK luxurious yet cost-effective flats in Serampore, Hooghly ranging from 15 lakhs to 30 lakhs to suit the budget of various individuals. This feature is rarely found in other properties in North Kolkata.

Given these facts, we can claim with confidence that real estate development in Kolkata is set to provide a cut-throat competition to the projects at other metro cities. We also have found 99acres Insite Report on top eight Real Estate Markets in India, though we can not gurantee the accuracy and it was the Insite Report of Oct-December 2017, but it will help you to understand that there is a growth of real estate developments in Kolkata.

With an unbeatable apartment price backed up by other attributes which are being tapped by the real estate development companies, experience a lifestyle which was a dream until now.

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