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Ghat Launch with Ganga Aarti in New Kolkata Riverside Project

Author: New Kolkata Team | 2018-11-16

The view of the breath-taking beauty of Ganga sitting by the ghat is a surreal experience and no price tag can buy you this experience. However, the modern real estate brands are identifying the importance of these extra perks and thinking about providing the same in their residential projects. But their lies a big difference between pondering about something and acting accordingly to make it a reality.


While there is a plethora of builder who can think about providing Ganga Ghat in their project, Alcove Realty has taken steps to provide one in their upcoming Kolkata riverside project, New Kolkata. And believe us when we say the project is nothing like you have seen before. A gem set inthe flanges of the city, the project is outfitted with everything to provide the future residents with a plush lifestyle. Are all these words triggering a sense of curiosity in you to learn more about the project? To satisfy your curiosity, read through the blog and see yourself getting drawn to the riverside apartments of New Kolkata.

Bring Ganga Aarti to Your Abode with New Kolkata

New Kolkata project with flats in Serampore comes with its very own Ganga Ghat to provide the future residents the true essence of witnessing the beauty of Ganga amidst the natural surrounding. Recently, a grand event was conducted on 11th November, 2018 from the house of Alcove where they launched the Ghat with pomp and show. Pandits from Benaras were invited for this event to conduct the holy Ganga Aarti and bedazzle audiences who were invited to be a part of this auspicious day.


VIPs, special guests, future residents, and potential buyers- all had gathered on this day for gracing the majestic event of Ganga Ghat launch under the New Kolkata riverside project. Everyone present in this event got the chance to taste the flavour of Benaras Ganga Aarti to make it a memorable day. Furthermore, there were food stalls set up for the guests along with the presence of fair or Mela which was an attraction for the kids. All in all, the event was a successful project and it worked towards compelling the potential buyers to buy riverside apartments here.

But, why is the Presence of Ganga Ghat is so Important?



More than it being important, the presence of Ganga Ghat will provide us senes a tranquility to the future residents. With flats in Serampore built adjacent to river Hooghly, the future residents will get the opportunity to spend time alone or with their loved ones on the ghat viewing the beautiful Ganga. It is great for the individuals to wish to stay away from the city mess and spending time in the lap of Nature. Plus, the presence of temple near to the ghat wraps up the region by a holy environment. Hence, the presence of Ganga Ghat within a residential project premise will not only add the spice of opulence in your lifestyle but will balance it out with essence of nature.

However, We are not Done as Yet!

The project is a hub of other essential features as well, together which makes this project a ‘City within the City’.

The Unmatched Connectivity…


which sets this apart from the other. It comes with four way connectivity via rail, road, river and upcoming metro link. Yes, you read it right! It has connectivity facility via river. New Kolkata riverside project is probably the project in the town which has its very own private jetty with ferry services for the future residents. While the outside world will travel on the wheels, the future residents of New Kolkata will travel by water.

Ganga Facing Apartments…


which gives a whole to meaning to a luxurious abode. The riverside apartments are infused with gripping design along with an architectural layout to churn out the essence of plush lifestyle. The apartments comes in 1, 2 and 3 BHK varieties within a price range of 14.8 lakhs to 27 lakhs.

Best in Class Facilities & Amenities…

and without these elements, any luxurious project is incomplete. New Kolkata riverside project is also a home to uncountable facilities and amenities amidst the serene environment. It will allow you to enjoy the quintessential essence of nature with the right blend of contemporary facilities for a wholesome lifestyle without the slightest trace of boredom. You can learn more about such features here.

Hence, if residential projects could be termed as a Superhero, we suppose New Kolkata would have topped the chart. Supporting features within an attractive price range, the project will surely work towards escalating your lifestyle from the current one which is worth the investment.

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