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Book Your First Riverside Apartment Before 15th June [WHY?]

Author: New Kolkata Team | 2019-06-05

Have you ever thought about residing by a river? There are plenty of health benefits to the mind and body, and you can also find a fresh and uncontaminated quality of air. Moreover, the serene atmosphere and peaceful aura will win you over, and if not, the mesmerizing view of the river will surely have the final say. Riverside apartments are always in demand, and if you’re searching for one, New Kolkata is the perfect place for you!

Developed by the esteemed Alcove Realty, one of the leading brands in real estate, one can be assured of a life of comfort and ease through any of their projects. In their efforts to elevate the standards of living of all sections of society, New Kolkata and its low budget flats in Kolkata cater to all, irrespective of any barrier. This residential project stands out due to this sole feature – to seamlessly blend the values of price and value into one destination.

On that same note, the destination is nothing less than remarkable. Tapping the location of Serampore, one can find a township that extends to roughly 28 acres of land area. Encompassing the ideals of spacious living, this residential project strives to make daily life more convenient for its residents. Equipped with its own set of facilities inside, it falls nothing short of a haven to those who seek the comforts of riverside apartments in Kolkata.

Moreover, it's not just about the interiors. This project offers relative ease when it comes to daily commute, offering hassle-free options over several mediums. Alongside this, the positioning of these flats in Kolkata within 15 lakhs comes with close proximity to schools and medical centres. The location itself makes daily life easy and effortless, which is what all homebuyers desire in homes. Thus, choosing the region of Serampore offers several advantages.

For a combination of all the above, there is no better option than New Kolkata.

What makes New Kolkata’s Riverside Apartments the Ideal Residence?



Alcove Realty has created about 5000 apartments for those who wish to reside by the Ganges. With this project, residents have the chance to observe the blessing of nature – purified air content, serene environment, and top it all off, the fascinating sights of the Ganges each day. For the same purpose, there are outdoor activities as well as a riverside promenade that takes advantages of this setting.

A huge boon to health, these are flats in Kolkata within 15 lakhs that are economically-priced and budget friendly for those anxious to buy homes. Based on the individuals that wish to reside here, one can find 1,2, and 3 BHK apartments with this project that accommodate the size of one’s family and space requirements. Here are the specifications for these low budget flats in Kolkata:


1BHK flat

With a super built-up area of 540 - 549 sq. ft., flats come at a price of Rs.14,80,000.

Includes a kitchen, 2 bathrooms, 2 balconies and 1 bedroom.

Carpet area: 318/309 sq.ft.


2BHK flat

With a super built-up area of 884 sq. ft., flats come at a price of Rs. 23,70,000.

It includes a kitchen, a balcony, 2 bathrooms and 2 bedrooms.

Carpet area: 533 sq.ft.


3BHK flat

With a super built-up area of 1040 sq. ft., flats come at a price of Rs.27,30,000.

Includes a kitchen, 2 bathrooms, 1 balcony and 3 bedrooms.

Carpet area: 645 sq.ft.


Location Benefits and Amenities with Low-cost Housing



Of course, one should have good surroundings in which they will reside. Alcove has deliberately chosen the location of Serampore owing to the advantages it presents. With New Kolkata’s flats in Kolkata within 15 lakhs, there are several benefits when it comes to nearby utilities in proximity as well as commuting options to several parts of the city. Let’s see what exactly constitutes these advantages in terms of location.


One can find the following schools, hospitals, and entertainment centres in the vicinity –

●    Educational Institutions: Serampore College, DPS North, etc.
●    Medical Facilities: Relife Hospital, Serampore ESI Hospital, etc.
●    Entertainment Zones: City Center II, New Kolkata Plaza (on site), etc.


With these riverside apartments, one can find several options of commute 

●    Road: Autorickshaws, buses, taxis
●    Metro: Upcoming Dakshineswar Metro
●    Rail: Serampore Railway Station
●    River: New Kolkata’s private ferry for residents


Perfectly balancing quality and price, New Kolkata offers the following amenities –


●    Swimming pool
●    AC indoor kids’ playing zone
●    AC home theatre
●    AC indoor games arena (for pool, squash, badminton, etc.)
●    Hall for multipurpose activities
●    Reading room
●    Outdoor children’s play area
●    Outdoor meditation & yoga space
●    Multi gym
●    Jogging and cycling track

These reasons are clear indicators of New Kolkata’s charm in the city. A one-of-a-kind project that provides its own ferry service exclusively designed for the New Kolkata future residents - a feature that clearly lends it the upper hand over others. These riverside apartments will surely give you more than you expected.

However, it's Best to Book Your Flats Before 15th June.

After the specified date, the prices will increase and might have an adverse impact on your spending capacity. It's time to make a decision and act quickly – book your low budget flats in Kolkata now and get the best prices while they still remain. Hurry!

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