Kolkata Riverside Apartments

Best Property to Buy Riverside Flats in Kolkata

Author: New Kolkata Team | 2018-12-05

Riverside flats in Kolkata are rare and when one finds it, it is nothing less than hitting the jackpot. Probably, you might give up on traveling long distances to get the view of a serene natural water body since you'll be privileged enough to get on from your window.

But, is there at all any riverside flat in Kolkata?

As we have mentioned before, this feature is rare in the residential projects of Kolkata. However, the new age real estate brands are always coming up with fresh new ideas to give Kolkata a grand makeover.

So, What's Cooking in the Real Estate Sector?

The idea of providing the potential buyers with riverside flats in Kolkata and in this regard, Alcove Realty shines bright! They have taken the necessary step to actualize the concept of providing riverside apartments while other real estate brands only ponder over the idea.

Now, where is this residential project in Kolkata?


Probably, the most talked about property in North Kolkata, New Kolkata is the recent upcoming creation of Alcove Realty which is attracting the potential buyers. Trust us when we say the project is the ultimate destination for the potential buyers that will not only provide them with riverside apartments but a quality lifestyle. It reflects a seamless blend between nature and luxury whose net result is a comfortable living in your dream abode.

Plus, if you take a look at the riverside apartments, get ready to see yourself drooling over them. Are you wondering what so special about these riverside flats in Serampore?

In one word- Everything!


These apartments overlooking the grand flowing Ganga are gripping in itself in terms of design and layout. If you seeking a dash of elegance in your abode, the Ganga facing apartments of New Kolkata is your answer. Plus, the modern layout of the apartments with spacious rooms and large windows will make sure that you can breathe freely without feeling congested. Now, your morning tea session will also become appealing accompanied by the tranquil view of the Ganga. What else do you need from your apartment? Oh yes, we forgot about the price! With such exotic features, you'll probably expect the price of riverside apartments of New Kolkata to be exorbitant, right? The Ganga facing apartments come in 1, 2 and 3 BHK types within a price range of 14.8 lakh to 27.3 lakh. Apart from that, the project will also offer you non Ganga facing apartments within the same price range.

What Else Defines this Project?

Its connectivity by rail, road, river and metro. While rail, road and metro is probably the common forms of transportation, the presence of connection by river is completely a new concept. New Kolkata, probably the only property in North Kolkata will provide the future residents with their very own private jetty with ferry services for a whole new experience. The service will ply tirelessly from New Kolkata to Babughat and Dakshineswar.

What about the Facilities and Amenities?

They are fresh, modern and will upgrade your standard of living by leaps and bounds. New Kolkata with flats in Serampore come with a plethora of facilities and amenities catering to the various age group of the individuals. It has something or the other for everyone to provide them with an exciting form of living.

For example,

For Kids, it has

Kids’ pool, well-furnished reading room, AC indoor kids’ & toddlers’ playing zone, pet park, outdoor children’s play area with slide & swing, primary educational institution, etc.

For Adults & Young Adults, it has

Swimming pool with poolside deck, a hall for multipurpose activities, hi-tech multi gym, AC indoor games arena, snacks corner, jogging track/walkways, calisthenics’ workout area, spa & salon, multiplex, etc.

For the Elderly, it has

Temple, outdoor meditation & yoga space, outdoor amphitheater for cultural programmes, laughing classes etc, a stage for puja & function, Landscape garden on a podium, riverside promenade including ghat, etc.

Hence, New Kolkata is not just a mere residential project. Apart from providing riverside flats in Kolkata, the project has everything that carve out the path towards a lifestyle that is not only luxurious but will also help in creating memories with each passing day. Get your dream apartment in this property in North Kolkata to bring about the much needed twist in your present lifestyle.

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